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First Steps to Planning Your Wedding!

Planning Your Wedding: Where to Start

Congratulations on your engagement! If you are like most brides you want to dive right in on your wedding plans! It is a day you have looked forward to for years…so where do you start? Right here! In this blog post I will lay out the first steps to planning your wedding, and exactly what order to complete them in.

The first steps to planning your weddingBudget and guest list are the first elements of wedding planning you need to tackle. Each of these elements affects the other, and will dictate many of the decisions you make throughout the wedding planning process. Budget is often the most difficult element to discuss, but it is without a doubt the most important. Getting a firm grasp on what you can realistically afford early on, including family contributions is very important. Setting a budget and sticking to it is difficult, but absolutely do-able if you start at the beginning! Discuss contributions with parents, potential donors, or perhaps just consult your own finances. Many couples these days carry the burden of wedding expenses completely on their own, and it is important to know early in the planning process whether this will be you and your fiance as well.

Guest List

Once you have a good idea of finances the next thing to tackle is the guest list. You and your fiance both need to sit down and make a list, separate or together, of people you would like to be invited. Keep in mind that this number will most likely increase over the span of planning the wedding. No matter how much time you spend on your initial guest list, there will be names forgotten, or even new friends made, that necessitate changes (usually increases) to the guest list.

Venue Search

Finally, armed with a good grasp of your budget and an idea of guest list size you are ready to start the venue search! I have found that completing initial planning elements, in this order: budget -> guest list -> venue, is the most conducive to stress free wedding planning! In my opinion one of the most heart-breaking situations is to fall in love with a venue you either can’t afford, or can’t fit in to. Space is a very important element in both your ceremony and reception; you do not want to crowd your guests. As you would expect, it negatively impacts their experience, as does a space that is too big for your size of wedding.

There you have it! You are now ready to dive into planning your wedding! Or you can go straight to the Contact page and bring me on board to dive in for you! Good luck!

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