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How to Transport Bouquets and Floral Arrangements

This blog post is for the DIY Brides and anyone who is making their own wedding bouquets or floral centerpieces, arrangements, etc. Good luck!

There is nothing worse than damaging your bouquets or centerpieces while transporting them from home or wherever you arranged them, to the venue. After spending hours slaving over them and arranging them just right, failing to make the proper arrangements can result in crushing blooms, breaking stems and potentially ruining your beautiful creations. In this blog post I’m going to show you how to create a box to transport bouquets and floral arrangements safely to your venue or wherever you need to go.

This method has worked successfully for me many times. It keeps the bouquets and/or centerpieces in water, and keeps them upright and prevents any blooms from getting crushed. Plus it makes them more stable and able to travel more easily in the car.

Step 1: Gather the supplies you need.
– X-acto knife
– vases
– long boxes
– duct tape

I use the shipping boxes my flowers come in from Sam’s Club, FiftyFlowers, etc. They are the perfect size for this project being long but not very tall.

I found that the small cylinder vases from Wal-Mart work the best for transporting bouquets. I talk about them in a previous blog post too:  A Rustic Wedding . They cost only .97 and usually end up being about half the size of the bouquet, so once they sit in the box it works out perfectly. If you are going to be transporting floral centerpieces or arrangements you use whatever vase you have for that arrangement.

Now, before you get started think about the size of your bouquets or centerpieces and how many you will have. Don’t forget the toss bouquet! The widths of the arrangement is what really dictates how many you can fit in each box. Consider the heights of them as well, especially when deciding on a box to use. Really tall bouquets in a shorter box will be less stable during transport. I like to reinforce the boxes with duct tape or packing tape like you see in the pictures. I tape long ways down the seam of the box and then several times around the box the opposite direction in different places. When I’m done the box is sealed and I cannot get in it.

Step 2: Trace the vases onto the box.

I take my vases and sit them on the box to examine the placement. I usually go in a zig zag pattern to maximize the width area around each bouquet or arrangement. Once I have the placement of the vases I trace around each vase on the box.

Step 3: Cut out the holes you traced with the X-acto knife.

I usually cut slightly larger than the circle so the vase comes in and out relatively easily. It doesn’t need to be a tight fit for this to work. If you end up with a hole slightly bigger than your vase it’s ok. If you have a vase that is larger at the bottom, or at the top, or is differently shaped in any way you just need to experiment and that may involve cutting your circle slightly bigger in different stages as you compare it to the vase.

Step 4: Test your vases in the holes, make any adjustments.

Once you have finished cutting all your holes, test them with the vases. If the fit is too tight, shave off a little more of the hole with the X-acto knife. Just keep going until you are satisfied with the fit. Then you are ready to add some water to the vases (for bouquets only use a little bit, arrangements use more) and begin to create your bouquets or arrangements! Once you are done, slide the vases back into the box and you are ready to transport your bouquets and floral arrangements! Make sure to carefully measure the amount of water to add to the bouquet vases. The stems will displace quite a bit a water when you put them in. Be particularly careful if you have wrapped or decorated the bouquet handle, you do not want to get that wet.

IMPORTANT: Make your transport boxes BEFORE you make the bouquets or arrangements.

The box makes it super easy to transport your bouquets, floral arrangements, centerpieces and more. You can even reuse the boxes!  With bouquets you can use the box to transport them to the ceremony location, use them at the ceremony, then put them back in the box and transport them to the reception venue. Once at the reception pop the vases out of the box and line them up on the head table or another table to create a beautiful display!

What do you think about this method of transporting bouquets and arrangements? What methods have you used to travel with flowers? Share your experiences in the comments below! Questions are welcome too 🙂