Don’t Forget the Napkins!

Centerpieces get a lot of attention when it comes to designing the tablescape for your special event, but one element that doesn’t get as much attention is your napkins. Many people often forget about this element, but in my opinion it isĀ  one of the cheapest ways to add flair to your table. It can also set the tone for the event as napkin styles can range from simple to elaborate.

There’s the restaurant or banquet style fold we’ve seen many times:

Restaurant style napkin fold
Banquet table showing restaurant style napkin fold.

I would stay away from the restaurant style fold for weddings, it conjures thoughts of a banquet, corporate events, dinners, etc.

A look that is popping up a lot recently is the pocket fold. There are many different variations on the pocket fold:

Pocket fold napkin style
Napkin in pocket fold style

This style is neat because it can be spruced up easily. One cute idea is to insert a single fresh floral stem like a tulip in the pocket. Tying a bow around the napkin looks nice as well.

Image via Buzzfeed {Link} Originally appearing on Martha Stewart {Link}
Image via Buzzfeed {Link}

Perhaps the simplest style (and quickest to execute) is the table hang. Usually the napkin is folded long ways and hung on the edge of the table so it is half on and half off the table. You see this look a lot at rustic or country style wedding receptions, or outdoor events, as it is usually a more casual look.

Table hang style via Style Me Pretty
Image Source: Michael and Anna Costa {Link} Image Via: Style Me Pretty { Link }

Now if you really want to ‘wow’ your guests…

Lotus fold
Image via Southern Weddings {Link} Photographer: Rebekah Hoyt {Link}

You go with something like the Lotus fold! These napkin styles are great for a bridal shower, post-wedding brunch, baby shower and more.

Here are a two resources with step by step instructions for folding many different napkin styles:

TIP: Don’t wait til you are setting your tables the day of your event to create your napkin styles. Fold them ahead of time and simply place them at each setting.

Have you attempted any of these napkin folding styles? What napkin style did you choose for your event?